dunstable joinery


Dunstable Joinery and Laminates Group Photo

About the company

Dunstable Joinery was founded by Martin Rix who had already been running a successful building company as well as Dunstable Laminates. In 2006 Martin brought out a small Joinery business in Wingfield Street and Dunstable Joinery was born. Starting with just one Joiner and one Apprentice in the original workshop the company has gone from strength to strength.

In 2015 Dunstable Joinery re-located to a purpose built workshop on Boscombe Road, Dunstable and the business continued to grow to this day.

‘Dunstable joinery show dedication and craftmanship in everything that they do. They are a friendly and efficient team to work with producing quality joinery.’

Andy Fowle, Designer & Surveyor